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The Ultimate Selection Of Perth Topless Waitresses

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60 Sexy Hand-Picked Perth Topless Waitresses

When hiring Perth Topless Waitresses with Cassie's, it's a very straightforward process. Look through all the beautiful models we have on our Perth pages.  Please have a look at their profile and choose the ones that best suit your requirements.

There will be a full description of the barmaid with all of their vital statistics, so you can get a great idea of what there are like. There will be a minimum of 4 high-quality photos, so you can see what the girls look like close up. Here are bullet points on what services they can offer like Bikini, Lingerie, Topless and Nude waitressing. Also, make a note of their names, and we can take care of the rest.

  1. We recommend giving yourself a few weeks, if possible, to book in advance.
  2. Having said that, you could book last minute as well.
  3. The models are perfect for any special occasion you might be planning.
  4. So, Birthdays, Perth Bucks Parties or any event where you want to spice things up a bit.
  5. We handpick our topless waitresses in Perth to ensure they are reliable, professional and can adapt to any event.
  6. You can book the girls for multiple hours; it all comes down to availability.

Enjoy Looking At All Our Perth Strippers

Hire Our Stunning Perth Waitresses for Your Private Party

So if you are having a private gathering and looking for a Perth waitress to add a fun element that will elevate your night to a new level, you are on the correct website.

Skimpy barmaids for your party would be an outstanding choice. This will help you create a fun adult environment for cocktails, birthdays and more. Skimpy's are available for hire by the hour (with a minimum of 2), and they can serve you drinks topless throughout your event.

5 Great Events Waitresses

Retirement parties

Invite a waitress for a fun and raunchy retirement party. Surprise your guests and enjoy drinks served to you.


What better way to have some fun on your birthday day than have some beautiful barmaids serve you drinks.

Game days

Get the ultimate game day experience with a bartender on-site working topless. Also, this can be a fun touch for you and the guys, and it can bring a football game or other events to new heights.

Bucks party

Hire skimpy girls for your next bucks party and make sure that no one goes thirsty during the event. This is a fun way to introduce new entertainment to the party and make sure everyone has a great time.

Pool party

Host an adult pool party with a gorgeous waitress, Perth. Bring a full-on Las Vegas experience to your own home.

If you are interested in bartenders for your next party, be sure to contact us today. So we can offer nude waitresses for a wide range of events across WA.

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We Are Always Updating Our Waitress Perth Portfolio

We are always adding new girls to our agency, and we try and have a wide variety. So, keep coming back to see the girls profiles. Also, they can do different types of waitressing for you as well. They can do Bikini/lingerie waitressing, which is perfect for a birthday party's mixed occasion.

So, the next level is lingerie waitressing. The girls take pride in how they look, and there is nothing more glamorous than an add-on at a party. The most popular by a long way is topless waitressing—this what the guys usually choose when they are doing a Bucks party.

The XXX option is nude waitressing. What most parties do is choose a mixture of topless and then nude for the last few hours. Not all of our girls do naked waitressing, so please specify when checking availability.

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Enjoy How Cassie's Waitresses Improve Your Party Experience

If you will be hosting a private gathering, one of the last things you will want to do is get stuck serving drinks. Having more time with your guests can help you be a better host and get more enjoyment out of the event. By improving your service and introducing waitresses, you can have a better experience.

Hiring sexy women for your next event can add a fun adult twist to a party you have planned. A waitress can help to serve your guests and offer a bit of entertainment for your guests in the process. Whether you are planning a birthday party, retirement party, corporate event or any other type of event, adding a topless waitress can inject fun into your party.

The process of hiring a waitress from our website is straightforward. You can browse through the staff members that we have on-site and pick out a professional and have bartending experience. We offer hourly rates on bartending services for almost any event so that you can get access to a sexy skimpy for the next party you are hosting.

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Imagine Amazing Looking Skimpy Girls at Your Perth Bucks

The experience of having semi-naked waitresses bartend at your event will be mind-blowing. By ensuring that you get access to highly skilled bartenders, the service rate can rise at your event, and all the attendees can have a much better experience during their time with you.

If you are seeking fun with our waitresses for your next event, please contact us today. We can outline our rates and the staff members that we have who regularly offer these services. Hiring a nude waitress could make your next event memorable.


  1. Cocktail waitressing: $90
  2. Bikini waitressing: $110
  3. Lingerie waitressing: $120
  4. Topless waitressing: $170
  5. Nude waitressing: $270

All the about prices are per hour per girl with a minimum of 2 hours. Also, travel make be added on top depending on the location.

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So why should you choose Cassie's as your Entertainment Provider?

  1. Cassie has been in the industry for well over 12 years.
  2. Unlike other websites, Cassie's is a fully functioning LTD business.
  3. We can deliver girls to every part of the country.
  4. We are open 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  5. We only employ the MOST professional strippers, waitresses and staff.
  6. Customer service is one of the essential aspects of our business model.
  7. We are contactable day or night of your event if any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  8. We are making the sector more professional every year with new policies.
  9. Well over 60% of our bookings are returning clients/referrals.
  10. We have at least 10 new girls apply to join the agency every week.
  11. A small deposit secures your booking with Cassie's.
  12. We get feedback on a regular basis from clients and girls to see if changes need to be made.
  13. We service ever part of Australia with adult entertainment options.
  14. We use Live Chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and Mobile.
  15. If you want to know what kind of experience our clients are getting, read our Google reviews.

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