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Divine Hunter Valley Topless Waitresses for Your Party

We Have a Loads Of Waitressing Options In The Hunter Valley

We have all the Hunter Valley Topless Waitresses you will ever need to get the perfect combination for a fun-filled party. So we try to locate local girls who know the area. Also, we want your event to happen as smoothly as possible. In addition, you get to save a few dollars as there is little travel involved. At Cassie's, we are always trying to find ways to keep our products as high as possible without breaking the bank.

Sydney Strippers

So don't be scared if you haven't ever booked waitresses before, and you're in charge of organising it all. We can assist you in providing all the thrills your bucks party will ever need. Pick out their style and look of barmaids you are set on.

About Us

So we can customise all our packages to suit your particular needs. Yes, you read that right. As we know, each one has their definition of fun; we always make sure to listen to our clients and give them suggestions. After that, we can offer you these packages.

Bucks Party

Hunter Valley Topless Waitresses & Show Ideas

– Admit it; no bucks party is ever complete without some kinky performance from seductive strippers or waitresses. With our bucks night packages, you can enjoy non-stop X-rated shows from our hot nude waitresses and strippers for up to three hours or more!

Birthday Party Ideas

– Here at Cassie's, we would love to hear and cater to your birthday party requests. If you have no specific plans yet, that is not a problem as we offer generic birthday party packages that include two gorgeous waitresses performing X-rated shows for up to three hours.

Poker Party

– Thinking of how you can level up your poker party plans? Spice it up by hiring topless poker dealers and waitresses to serve you like a king. If you think that is not hot enough yet, then we can bring in a beautiful waitress to perform an erotic dance as you play. What a show that would be, imagine!

Karaoke Party (Sydney Only)

– If something out of the ordinary is your preference, then our Karaoke party is for you. Delight yourself in multiple selections of our waitresses to entertain you as you sing your heart out.

Party Cruise (Sydney Only)

– So our cruise packages are one of the best you can find online! For three hours, you can enjoy the Sydney Harbour view while being entertained by the most beautiful girls and being served with food and beverages by our waitresses.

Again, we repeat that you can customise all of our packages according to your needs and budget. So if you want to have real and legit fun, give us a call and talk about it.

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